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Your EAP gives you access to free, prompt, and confidential counseling services. Our team of licensed counselors and therapists are committed to providing superior EAP services to individuals and organizations throughout Catawba and surrounding Counties. We have the resources and experience to get you and your company/organization through the various issues that affect the workplace and your lives.


and where we can help


A promising employee with a positive drug screen—an employer’s dilemma.

Ever seen Flight with Denzel Washington? You should! Anyway, we see this often: a good employee gets hurt, or better yet, "randomly selected" for a urinalysis and . . .  Good people are hard to replace, and they deserve a second chance. DLA is

an authority on second chances. You want to get back to work, so you need to fix this problem. It may not take as long as

you think. Call us.


Dysfunction in the home means distraction at work—The cloud that covers security.

Home and work, two worlds we try to keep separate but inevitably affect one another. We usually handle workplace issues at work, but problems at home follow you everywhere. You can't concentrate at work because the fires burning at home are consuming you. Your team needs you at your best, and they're not getting it. Are you ready to take a stand? You'll need reinforcements. We'll be

there for you!


The new number one concern for workplace safety—being "let go."

Jessie calmly walks out of the building carrying "the box." He's been "let go," and rumors are flying. Later that same day, he returns, but this time he's carrying something else! Watch the news to see what happens next. 

Bringing people in and letting people go are critical moments for managers. Misjudgments in this area often show up too late. Pre and post-employment counseling can help keep the workplace safe and productive. Let us help.


The absences are starting to mount—what’s going on?

You haven't been yourself at work lately. You've used a couple of mental health days, but you still don't feel right. Maybe a long weekend will finally make you feel better, so you take Friday and Monday off. You were wrong! Now your supervisor wants to talk! But, to your surprise, she wants to help. She went through something similar in 2017, and her boss insisted she calls her EAP

provider . . . You can see where we're going with this. Ask your EAP about DLA.


Addiction in the workplace—glass ceiling to grave.

Addiction has many faces and takes many forms. It can be painfully obvious, or it can remain hidden for years. It is insidious and can disguise itself while robbing productivity, ruining careers, and destroying entire companies to the tune of $81 billion per year! It is also a killer and destroys the lives of almost everyone it touches. Recognizing and treating addiction is vital to your company's success and the lives of your employees. Treating addiction is our success!


Conflict and Controversy—trouble with co-workers, trouble with bosses, trouble with employees . . .

The workplace requires the ability to negotiate several complex relationships. You must deal with customers, co-workers, management, and even competitors; the rules aren’t always entirely clear, and the lines can get blurry. Any number of possible misunderstandings or even real problems can ensue from all these moving parts. Should disagreements, allegations, or conflicts arise, it is best to deal with them promptly and confidentially. DLA can help!


Anxiety, depression, grief, divorce/break up, money problems, legal problems, plain ole stress, etc.

​Do a search for mental health in the workplace, and you will see just how prevalent this issue is. Study after study shows that the vast majority of people questioned want companies to address mental health issues, and do what they can to help. Many companies are well ahead of the curve, and many more are catching up and developing EAPs of their own. As an employee, if your company has an EAP, you should use it!

What does a job provide? Let's see: money, security, a place where you belong, training, skill development, an outlet for your talents, pride, friendships, promotions, opportunity, a break from the kids, a break from whatever, a future, and infinitely more. It's only fair that we bring the best versions of ourselves to work every day.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Services & Counseling
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