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Counselors & Therapists in Newton, NC | DLA Counseling


DLA was born in 1993 by Doris Lasley while her life was falling apart. Her marriage had just ended, and she lost her career job. Her future looked bleak. Other agencies weren't hiring, so out of necessity and to keep her vision of helping others alive, she decided to go into business for herself—and it worked! She created an agency that endured and still thrives to this day, and in the process, she re-created her life. Doris has since passed, but her legacy of resurrection and perseverance lives on. She knew the secret, and it was to KEEP GOING! Thank you, Doris, for everything.


As a landmark service provider in downtown Newton, NC, we attribute our reputation to the lasting relationships we’ve developed throughout the years. The vast number of referrals we get from former clients is the best compliment we could receive. And that must be earned! 

We believe every client deserves the highest level of service no matter what, and that is what you can expect from DLA. No matter who you are or what you're going through, we take you and your life very seriously—something everyone could use more of these days. There's no need to feel nervous about meeting us; once you experience our personalities and our atmosphere, you will know you made the right choice. Get in touch today to find out what we can do for you! Your life is our passion.





Owner/Executive Director

David was the first associate of DLA in 1993 and has been the owner since 2010. He credits DLA’s success to the guidance and encouragement of so many wonderful clients and colleagues he has worked with along the way.

In his own life, he has recovered from addiction and wants to help others do the same. His professional mission is to encourage people to consider their purpose, think strategically, and act accordingly.


The one thing you truly own in this world is your life, so I would encourage you to read, think, question, smile, laugh, cry, eat, drink, move, and breathe. Yeah, that should just about do it!  DL​



Clinical Supervisor


Cathy became the clinical supervisor at DLA in 2017. With her comes a very welcome expansion and enhancement of our existing services. She has truly raised the bar! (pun intended)

Though her passion is Christian Counseling, her repertoire is open and extensive. She has no less than 30 years' worth of experience working with people of all ages who face a variety of psychological, emotional, and spiritual issues. 

* She is also a certified Prepare/Enrich Counselor, a six-week program for couples planning marriage and married people seeking to enrich their marriage.



Education Director

Jared has been the ADETS instructor at DLA for the past nine years and is one of the pioneers of our Anger Management Program. He has always been dependable and loyal, in good times and bad, and I'm convinced that we would not be where we are without him.

​If you're thinking, look at that face, this guy means business, you'd be right! (he's actually a softy) Once, he was in a car wreck minutes before the start of class, and still somehow managed to get here on time and teach for three hours! True story.

Incidentally, it's probably not a good idea to challenge him to a battle of pop culture trivia.

profile pic.jpg


Counseling Intern


My name is Amy Buchanan. My husband and I have called Catawba County home since 1998. My years of working in the health and wellness industry and later working with cancer survivors have given me invaluable insights into the journey from sickness to health. I love working in group settings and have a passion for clients struggling with infertility, chronic disease, grief, and PTSD. My career goal is to become a private provider who permits more opportunities for people to access therapy that fits their schedules and not just mine!

My approach to therapy is holistic and includes spirit, mind, and body. I enjoy being outdoors, practicing yoga, spending time on the lake with my family, and learning new things.


Could DLA be the opportunity you're looking for?

DLA IS GROWING. We keep an eye out for clinicians, administrators, and interns who can complement our adaptive style of treatment. Our mission is to be the best agency around, so of course, we want to keep working with the best professionals around. INTERESTED?

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